TourneyAs a writer and fundraising consultant “Words and Deeds” describes my daily life.

Words are tremendously important because they have the power to move people to action — to commit deeds that change lives. None of the dozens of non-profit organizations I’ve worked with has any purpose other than to change lives for good. Yet, they all suffered from a common malady: too few people knew about them and what they do, making it hard to raise money to support their mission.

The common remedy is to tell their story. But funds are always too limited to employ enough staff with the skills necessary to do everything that telling the story requires. So, too often that story goes untold. Here’s where I come in.

For almost four decades I’ve told the story of organizational mission to donors, boards, prospects, suspects, foundations and community for non-profits from children’s homes, to hospitals, colleges, food banks, hospices, animal shelters, churches, residential education, Christian denominations, and local collaboratives.

I’ve led campaigns for non-profits from Washington DC to New Orleans; raised funds for a top 25 university and for one of the nation’s largest hospital systems; interviewed politicians, preachers and pretenders the nation over and covered Christian response to crises and missions needs internationally.

I appreciate the work of non-profits that are called into being by someone’s passionate commitment to meet a need. I cherish the opportunity to discuss your needs, whether it be writing, photography, a fundraising campaign, board development or some combination of all those things.

As a churchman, I also work with churches to help members learn generosity through annual stewardship efforts and capital campaigns, and to help them tell their own stories — then live into them.

I also work with churches through communications audits, preaching, and speaking at special events such as deacon and senior adult banquets. With a rich background of travel and experience in Baptist life, as a father, grandfather and writer interviewing hundreds of other people, I sail on a boatload of stories from which to draw.

I’ve edited North Carolina Baptists’ Biblical Recorder, directed communications for a statewide system of children’s homes, ghost written books and am a fundraising consultant, writer, photographer and ordained minister.

I cherish the opportunity to hear your story. Perhaps the experiences of my extensive background will provide just the insights you need to crest whatever hills you face. – Norman Jameson

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Norman in CO

After bicycling down Pikes Peak!

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  1. Norman,
    Hope you , Sue Ellen and your family are ok and hunkered down with the rest of us 💕 we dropped facebook and only on IG
    Prayers , Colleen Austin Raley


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